The Criminal Department’s primary responsibilities, with respect to criminal cases, includes but are not limited to the following:

  • To receive and acknowledge receipt of all case-related documents filed with the Court and to properly provide for their security, retention and disposition.
  • To issue legal documents such as arrest warrants, capiases, subpoenas, writs, abstracts, and any other documents as authorized by the Judge or statute.
  • To assign and maintain dockets and calendars of cases scheduled to be heard for upcoming hearings.
  • To commit to jail, penitentiary or other facilities and to admit to bail as ordered by the Court.
  • To prepare and maintain Court orders as directed by the Court.
  • To assist the Court during courtroom proceedings (by calling cases, swearing witnesses, taking notes, and marking exhibits).
  • To account for all fines, court costs, restitution and other monies owed, remitted, or to be disbursed
  • To provide data regarding disposition of cases and caseload information to a variety of local and state agencies.

These responsibilities indicate the important role of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office within Virginia’s judicial system. As caseloads and the volume of paperwork continues to increase, the responsibilities of the Clerk and their criminal department staff to process cases efficiently, accurately, and properly through the Court is extremely critical in their support of public safety offices and officials.

**NOTE: The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is a court of record, and DOES NOT accept e-mail or faxed court documents for filing. Original documents must be received by way of U.S. Mail or courier to the office.

Virginia Circuit Court Online Payment System

Allowing payments to be made online to participating Virginia circuit courts for eligible cases.