What is an appeal?

Cases appealed from the General District Court are heard by the Circuit Court de novo. De novo means the case is tried from the beginning as though there had been no prior trial.

Criminal or Traffic Appeals:

In order to appeal a Criminal or Traffic case, the defendant or his/her attorney must appear in person, either at the Criminal Division Office or Traffic Division Office and sign a written Notice of Appeal. The defendant may be required to sign and post a bond.

(You must note your appeal in writing within ten (10) calendar days of the trial date.) The defendant loses the right to appeal the case if the appeal notice is not filed in the General District Court within ten (10) calendar days (unless the 10th day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the next business day).

Civil Appeals:

You may appeal any civil case to Circuit Court, except cases where the judgment awarded by the General District Court is less than $20.00.

You must note your appeal in writing within ten (10) days of the trial date. You then have thirty (30) days from the trial date to post the appeal bond. Contact the Civil Division office, for the bond amount and Circuit Court (Law) filing fees.

​Unlawful Detainer:

If your case was an Unlawful Detainer, you only have ten (10) calendar days to note the appeal and post the appeal bond.

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