Please be informed of the following regarding case information:

  1. Dispositions of cases are not given out over the phone to the public on juvenile cases. All juvenile files are confidential in nature; however, the adult criminal cases are open to the public and the dispositions can be provided over the phone, if available. All adult and juvenile dispositions for all cases can be viewed at the clerk's office. With all juvenile cases, appropriate identification is required. Case dispositions can also be requested by mail with the appropriate copy fee enclosed.
  2. The cost of copies:
    1. The costs for copies are $1 for the first two pages and .50 per page thereafter.
  3. How can you obtain copies:
    1. You may request copies by mail, email, or at the clerk's office.
      1. If you request copies by mail please enclose a self-addressed envelope with the costs of your copies. You will need to contact the Court's financial department prior to submitting your request for copies to obtain the exact amount that you need to pay for the copies you are requesting. The Court's address is Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, 2425 Nimmo Parkway, Building 10A, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. The Court's phone number is (757) 385-4391.
      2. You may visit ​the clerk's office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 4p.m. to obtain copies. Appropriate identification will be required on all juvenile inquiries.
  4. For all other information needed, our office is easily accessible by phone, by visiting our Clerk's Office, or by contacting the court by mail.
  5. These websites are also helpful for the information you may need: